Resin Serving Board


Ocean theme resin waves on Australian hardwood. The wood area is oiled with food safe orange oil so you’re able to cut and eat food safely from the wooden area. Do not cut on the resin as it will scratch, and it is only deemed safe for incidental food contact.

Size: 42 cm x 23 cm. Measurements exclude extruding handle.

More Information

The resin used is not classed as non-toxic or food safe. The resin should not be used as a cutting surface however, any ‘Incidental Food Contact’ is fine. Do not eat directly from resin if any of the material chipped off into the food.

Wash your board by hand in warm soapy water. Don’t soak any wooden board. You can submerge it in water, but only for a quick dunk. Soaking can cause the board to warp. Don’t put it in the dishwasher, or use harsh concentrated cleaners and let it dry completely.

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