Wedding Guest Book Alternative


A great wedding gift idea and keepsake of special messages from wedding guests. Resin art is set inside a clear acrylic frame with slots at the top for guests to drop written messages on little hearts. Afterwards you can hang on your wall. It comes with a box of little hearts. The easel is an optional extra.


More Information

The size of the frame changes based on the number of hearts. This is designed so the hearts fill the majority of the frame. However, its totally customisable so if you’d like a larger frame with only 20 hearts, that’s perfectly OK.

Sizes are approximate (W x H)

  • For 20 to 50 hearts, the frame will be 20 cm x 30 cm – $99.00
  • For 51 to 75 hearts, the frame will be 30 cm x 40 cm – $139.00
  • For 76 – 100 hearts, the frame will be 40 cm x 50 cm – $169.00
  • For 101 – 150, the frame will be 50 x 60 cm – $199.00

If you would like a larger size, please contact me and let me know.

The easel is an optional extra. If you would like an easel, please let me know in your order notes.

Please Note – Resin art is unique. Each piece is custom made and there’s always differences between pieces.

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